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Watermelon Iced Tea

Recipe by Connie Veneracion
Brewed jasmine tea is cooled in a pitcher, pandan-infused sugar syrup is stirred in, ice is added and cubes of fresh watermelon are dropped in. Watermelon iced tea is tropical Asia in a glass.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Steeping time 4 mins
Total Time 14 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine Asian
Servings 4 people
Watermelon iced tea


  • 1 teaspoons loose-leaf jasmine tea
  • ΒΌ seedless watermelon well-chilled (see notes after the recipe)
  • pandan-infused sugar syrup as little or as much as you like


  • Place the tea in a heat-proof container.
  • In a pan, heat five cups of water until boiling. Turn off the heat and leave for a minute.
  • Pour one cup of the hot water into the tea, leave for a minute then strain.
  • Pour the remaining hot water into the container with the tea.
  • Allow the jasmine tea to steep for four minutes then strain.
  • Cool the strained tea.
  • While the tea cools, cut the watermelon into small cubes.
  • Sweeten the tea with as much or as little pandan-infused sugar syrup as you like.
  • Drop ice into glasses, half fill with the sweetened tea then top with watermelon cubes.


Unless you want to spend a long time prying the seeds out of regular watermelon β€” who wants to do that? β€” I really recommend the seedless variety.
Watermelon iced tea in a pitcher and glasses
Props to my daughter, Sam, who came up with the idea of dropping fruit into a glass of iced tea.
Updated from a post originally published in May 21, 2012
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