Got instant ramen?

Try these inspired hacks to create full and tasty meals.

Add mushrooms, pork slices and kimchi to noodle soup. Top with cheese, garnish with scallions and drop an egg yolk in.

Add spinach, pork and seaweeds to a pack of instant noodles to make a delicious instant miso ramen meal.

Combine two packs of instant ramen with ginger pork, shiitake, bok choy, pickled ginger and sesame paste to make a full meal for two!

Sweet Shoyu Beef Ramen

Packets of instant ramen, 200 grams of thinly sliced sirloin, spinach, eggs and slices of kamaboko make a quick and tasty lunch for two.

Kewpie Mayo & Sesame Ramen

Stir Kewpie mayo and sesame paste into the broth, and serve the noodles with slices of leftover pot roast, hard-boiled eggs, bok choy and scallions.

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